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International department


The main activities of the International Department are:

• Establishing links between the Center and other medical institutions of the republic, as well as their departments with similar goals, for mutually beneficial cooperation and interaction in the implementation of common tasks;

• Establishing links between the Center and foreign and international structures with similar goals and objectives to study their experience
on the organization of activities in the field of medicine. Possible forms of interaction can be expressed in the form of legally formalized systematic ties through the signing of memorandums on mutual understanding, cooperation agreements, annual plans for mutual contacts, etc.;

• Coordination of international cooperation with foreign organizations and structures for education and exchange of experience in the field of medicine, as well as the acquisition of practical skills and increasing the level of professionalism;

• Proposals development for implementation in Uzbekistan as foreign experience in the field of obstetrics and gynecology;

• Proposals development, and on their basis, implementation of measures for the development of medical tourism in the country and the provision of high-quality medical services;

• Providing effective information and analytical besides protocol and organizational support of events (scientific and educational conferences, business meetings, negotiations, «round tables» of seminars, master classes, thematic exhibitions, etc.) organized by the «RSSPMCOG» or on the basis of its structural divisions jointly or with the participation of representatives from foreign countries and international structures;

• Preparation of information and analytical materials in arranging meetings of the Center's management with representatives of foreign countries and international structures, as well as foreign visits of delegations of the «RSSPMCOG»;

• Providing the required assistance to the territorial divisions (branches) of the Center for establishing cooperation with foreign and international structures having similar goals and objectives.


Email: in_dep@uzaig.uz
Тel.: +(99871) 263-78-49

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